“A world always refuses, by definition, to die. When it finally does, it carries with it its values, its beauties, its defeats. Another world replaces it, neither better nor worse. For the first time, in this chaotic and spirited path of Homo Sapiens, the world that arrives will be worse than the previous one.”

Ducrozet, P. (2019, february 14th). Nous, enfants du XXIe siècle, allons prendre les commandes. Libèration. Retrieved from (click here).

Image taken from New Scientist. For full article, click here.


Image taken from El País Semanal. For full article, click here.

“Jenny Holzer: “The trauma is present at the life of the artists””

Zabalbeascoa, A. (2019, march 13th). Jenny Holzer : “Jenny Holzer: “El trauma está presente en la vida de los artistas””, interview. El País Semanal. Retrieved 2019, march 17th from (click here).